How to Beat Level 37 on Candy Crush

If you are stuck on level 37 of candy crush and you need to get to the next stage, you have come to the right place. Luckily, you can easily beat this tricky level with these tips. Here are some tricks to help you out:

Jelly squares are the hardest spot to match candies

Candy Crush Saga level 37 is a bit challenging as it requires matching candies in the lowest portion of the playing field. In addition to the normal candies, you’ll need to create special candies. This is a good time to use horizontal striped candies.

Striped candies are very helpful and can also be used to clear out out of reach tiles. Combine them with coloring candy or sprinkle candy and you’ll have a powerful combo. The best combos are when you hit the striped candy with a color bomb.

Another interesting candy in the game is the jelly fish. Its effect is the same as the lollipop hammer, but it is much more useful in levels where you can’t get a regular match.

Jelly squares are among the hardest spots in the game. This is because most of them are hidden behind locked candies. To beat this type of level, you’ll need to make the most of your matches and remove all the Jelly from the board.

While it’s not as hard as some other types of level, you’ll still need to clear out a lot of Jelly in order to score a lot of points. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Jelly levels are a great way to score a lot of points, but they can also be difficult. Many of these levels are designed to require that you make a special candy or combination in order to break the jelly.

For instance, on level 1132 you’ll need three special candy hits to pop the liquorice shell. And on level 27 you’ll need to pop eight soda bottles to complete the level.

The biggest challenge in a jelly level is to find the proper candy to make a match. However, there are many other ways to break the jellies, too. You may want to consider using the power combos or the cascade to quickly clear out the board.

A few other tips include not spending too much effort on removing cupcakes. Unless you’re trying to get an extra move, they aren’t the most important factor.

Striped candy combos clear the most jelly

Striped candy combos are one of the best ways to clear the most jelly in Level 37 of Candy Crush. The combination of striped candies, wrapped candy, and the color bomb can make a big difference.

One of the best ways to clear the most jelly on a level is to use horizontal striped candies. You’ll have to put it in the right place to make a difference. However, you’ll also want to make sure to maximize your moves.

You should always try to match the striped candy and wrapped candy to the correct tiles. For example, the striped candy could be matched to the cupcakes in the center of the screen. It’s also useful to put a striped candy onto an out-of-reach tile. If you want to clean up a mess, you might consider putting a horizontal striped candy on a chocolate.

Striped candy combos are also very effective for clearing out chocolate in neighboring columns. In fact, they can be an excellent way to break free Jellies from Chocolate. This is because the striped candies can be dropped onto out-of-reach tiles.

Another useful strategy is to clear the jelly squares on the bottom of the board. Often, this will allow you to break through the middle of the bottom of the board. To do this, you’ll need to combine a few different moves, including a power combo.

When you’re working on a Jelly level, you’ll need to make a few more moves than you would on a normal level. But, these moves will only be necessary if you don’t clear all the Chocolate. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting the most out of the level.

The most important trick is to get a good start move. Make sure to try to reroll the level until you’ve got a move that works. That means that you’ll need to remove any meringue or other blockers from the board.

Lastly, you can use a striped candy combo to break through licorice locks. These can be tricky to clear, but it’s possible.

Hopefully, these striped candy combos have been able to help you clear the most jelly on Level 37 of Candy Crush. But remember to keep your eye out for other ways to clear the jelly, such as Special Candies, which will provide you with more control over the level.

Clearing locked candies will clear the double jelly squares

When you begin playing Candy Crush Saga, you’re greeted with a different icon than you would expect. It’s a square with four smaller squares inside. In HTML5 versions, this was called the “Sweet Surprise” icon. But in the mobile version, the icon looks nothing like that.

While the icon isn’t exactly the same, it’s still a pretty good indication of how to play this game. The objective of the level is to score 60,000 points in 50 moves. And the best way to do this is by clearing all of the Jelly Squares.

This isn’t an easy task. There’s also the Licorice Locks, which divide the board into two. These locks are a bit tricky to clear, so you may want to take advantage of the special candies you can unlock to help you break them.

To break the Licorice Locks, you’ll need to make sure you’re matching candies and not blockers. Once you’ve made enough matches to break the locks, you can move to the next level.

One trick is to make Striped Candies, which are a special candy. Matching these will not only hit the jelly, but it can also trigger packaged candies that can help clear out other tiles on the board.

You can also make Vertical Striped Candies, which are able to drop ingredients all the way down the board. You can make these near the edge of the board to make it easier to drop down the center column.

If you’re having trouble with a particular area, try firing a Striped + Color Bomb combo. Getting these two candies together is the best way to break a lot of lockies in one move.

Another trick is to use Special Candies to break the Icing. This is the most difficult part of a Jelly Level. Since there’s so much chocolate to deal with, you might find yourself having to reroll the level if you’re unable to get the first move to work.

Whether or not you’re struggling with a particular level, you should always try to maximize your moves. Try hitting the jelly squares with Striped Candy Combos and combining those moves with a Color Bomb for maximum results.

Dealing with licorice

Licorice is a stationary blocker, and it takes three hits to clear. But it can grow bigger when hit with special candy. It also gives a colour bomb when popped. However, this blocker can take a lot of hits, so it is important to get to it early in the level.

This level has a number of moves, and the board is divided into two parts, with the bottom left corner of the board being harder to reach. The key to the level is getting through the first two boards as quickly as possible.

You can use the vertical stripe candy to send the center column of the board down, making it easier to clear the meringues on the lower part of the board. Once the meringues are removed, you will be able to get to the next row of jelly, which is the hardest part. Also, the jelly fish can help you clear the licorice cages in the center area.

If you want to make quick work of the level, try stripe and wrapped candies. These combos will clear the entire horizontal line of candies, clearing eight candies that surround them. They are also good for breaking Chocolate, which makes them especially helpful in this level.

You can also use the striped and wrapped candies to clear cupcakes in the middle of the screen. Make sure to match the striped candies with the color bomb or packaged candies. These candies will clear frosting and can trigger a packaged candies to clear even more.

Another way to deal with licorice on this level is to try to pop soda bottles. This power-up is great for popping bottles, but it can also remove licorice cages. As long as you keep the soda level high, this will give you more room to work.

Dealing with licorice on this level can be tricky, but it is not impossible. Just make sure you know what you are doing, and that you maximize your moves. Otherwise, you will only be able to break a few candies.

The best strategy for dealing with licorice on this level is simply to make quick work of the first two boards. Then, you can start figuring out how to deal with the rest of the level.

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